Refugee Work in Kurdistan

Greetings to you all! Thanks for your consideration in supporting our work here in Kurdistan. As our ministry continues to grow into different camps around Northern Iraq, our needs continue to do so as well! We have just launched a Kurdish school for 1000 students this year in Xanke and a school for 300 students in Sulaymaniya. We are now in process of launching a third school in the Shariya camp. God is opening the doors!

Because of this great need, we have seen opportunity to get involved in other areas as well, here are our projects that are now in the works:

  • Medical and Dental center for 7-10 camps serving close to 1 million people. More Info
  • Orphanage for roughly 1000 kids (I have figures directly from the UN, there are no people or organization taking care of them)
  • Water wells in Sinjar and other areas to help with dehydration, farming, etc.
  • Yazidi Coloring Book project for parents and students, gospel ministry project

Because of the changing needs and funding coming in for various projects, it has been difficult to budget this out into proposals at the moment. We would ask you to prayerfully look at supporting us in ways we can allocate funds directly for project areas with the biggest needs.

Evaluation and Accountability

Ongoing analysis and oversight from senior management staff, and our partners will determine the progress and effectiveness our work. Because we are committed to integrity, we are willing to complete any reasonable evaluative measure that you request.

References available on request.

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