Kurdish Refugee Education

As you can imagine the work here in Kurdistan continues to grow as refugees from the fighting continue to pour in. As our needs have grown, God has abundantly provided for us. For example, we have just launched a Kurdish school for 341 students in Xanke, and are about to bring in an additional 1,000 students for an Arabic school that will run second and third shifts.

Among the peoples we are not currently reaching are the Yazdis, a minority non-muslim people group in Northern Iraq. In addition to the material relief listed in the Sinjar Relief Project, our desire is to provide the Gospel message to these beautiful people.


The Nuun Fund has begun a coloring book project of illustrated parables in the Yazidi language with the Bible verses in Bahdini (Kurdish) below the Yazidi text. Franklin Classical School in Franklin, Tennessee, is doing all the design work, but we need your help to get these books printed. We would love to give these books to thousands of Yazidi children across Kurdistan. The impact of this simple book could be the spark of life into a new beginning for these beautiful broken hearts.


Each book is roughly $2 to manufacture. We are asking you to prayerfully consider a gift towards this ministry project as we try to spread the gospel to the hearts of this region!