Sinjar Relief

In 2014 the group known as ISIS began an operation in Iraqi Kurdistan designed to purge the region of the Yazidi people, a minority population of non-Muslims in the Iraqi Kurdistan region. At the hands of ISIS tens of thousands of men, women and children have been killed, kidnapped, sold into slavery and displaced from their homes. Many of them fled to mountainous region of Sinjar where resources are limited and persecution still exists. The Nuun fund is reaching out to these displaced people and providing relief where we can.


The Yazidi refugees who still live in Sinjar are facing serious challenges, including water and food shortages. Refugees on Sinjar Mountain alone are estimated around 3,000 people. The food supply is estimated around 10-20% of what is needed, and water is tremendously difficult to find. Yazidi’s are often forced to secure water by sending donkeys into villages at the bottom of the mountain and returning to their camps at the top of the mountain, limiting the resources available per family. Dehydration was a major issue this past summer and continues to be an ongoing problem.

To help meet this need specifically, the Nuun fund is planning on repairing and digging new wells in the region. If in the next year we can dig seven new wells in the region we believe that will go a long way to providing relief to the current Yazidi refugees still in Sinjar and establish some stability for the people in the surrounding villages.


We are attempting to drill or repair at least seven wells in the Sinjar region. This will require the following:

Our goal for this project is $175,000 with a stretch goal of $190,000.